quantitative analysis


General Science


  • The analysis of a sample (solid, liquid, or gas) to determine the proportions of its various components.


  • A test, such as a quantitative analysis, whose results are expressed in numerical terms.
  • An analysis whose results are expressed in numerical terms. For example, an analysis in which it is determined which chemical species are present in a sample, and in what proportions. A qualitative analysis would only determine, for instance, the species present.


  • A mathematical review of an asset's value. A quantitative analysis of a stock's price might involve looking at its issuer's income, profit margin and market share. A forex quantitative analyst might focus on mathematically relating the economic factors prevailing in one country to those in another to assess a currency pair's present exchange rate.

Health Economics

  • (written as Quantitative Analysis)
    An analysis dealing in measured quantities of entities.