Queen Henrietta's Men



  • An English theater company, usually known as the Queen's Men,that was founded by Christopher Beeston (see the Beestons)after his Lady Elizabeth's Men dispersed during the plagueof 1625. It received the patronage of the new Queen, Henrietta Maria.The company performed at Beeston's Phoenix Theatre from 1625 until1636; their resident dramatist was James Shirley. They alsoperformed in such court masques as Love's Mistress(1634), for which Inigo Jones designed scenery. Another outbreak ofthe plague in 1636 forced the company to disband, the actors eventuallybeing absorbed into other companies. Beeston then formed Beeston'sBoys, one of the boy companies.

    A second company with the same name performed at the LondonTheatre, Salisbury Court, from 1637 until 1642, when the Puritansclosed the theaters.