General English

  • noun the words of one person which are repeated by another person



  • noun part of a text borrowed from another text


  • A price for materials or services provided by a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or vendor.


  • The best bid and/or offer price for an asset available in an exchange traded market or from a forex market maker at a certain time. A forex market maker asked by another dealer for EUR/USD quotation might verbally state that 1.4500/05 is their price. This quotation would generally only be good "as long as the breath is warm" or until the market maker says "off", whichever comes first. also called a quote.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the exact words said or written by somebody and used by another person

Media Studies

  • noun a piece of speech or writing quoted somewhere, e.g. in a book or magazine


  • noun words taken out of a speech or a book

Real Estate

  • noun an estimated price for a job or service.