radio spectrum



  • A range of frequencies, within the electromagnetic spectrum, which is utilized primarily for communications. Usually defined as spanning from approximately 3 kHz to approximately 300 GHz, which corresponds to wavelengths of 100 km to 1 mm, respectively. The radio spectrum has several arbitrarily established intervals, which in order of ascending frequency are: very low frequency, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency, very high frequency, ultrahigh frequency, superhigh frequency, and extremely high frequency. There are additional terms utilized for classifying ranges within the radio spectrum. For instance, microwave frequencies, depending on the defined interval, usually overlap with ultrahigh frequencies, superhigh frequencies, and extremely high frequencies. Also called radio-frequency spectrum, or RF band.
  • synonymradio-frequency band

Media Studies

  • noun the range of radio frequencies used for radio and television, between 10kHz and 300MHz