General English


  • noun a criminal charge brought against somebody

Media Studies

  • noun a vocal style in which performers use rhythm and rhyme to speak in verse over music with a strong beat, usually hip-hop.
  • verb to speak in verse using rhythm and rhyme over music with a strong beat, usually hip-hop


  • noun an accusation or charge, blame or punishment. An 18th-century British use of the verb ‘rap’ was to denote swearing an oath against, accusing of, or charging (with a crime). This sense survives, via American English, in the phrases ‘take the rap’ and ‘beat the rap’ and the term rap sheet.


  • acronym forregimental aid post
    (written as RAP)
  • noun a battalion casualty clearing-station, where casualties are assessed and given emergency medical treatment, before being evacuated to a dressing station.