General English


Cars & Driving

  • noun the distance from the sealing washer to the end of the thread


  • noun the actual number of people who will see an advertisement once (as opposed to the frequency, which is the number of times one person sees an advertisement over a given period of time)

Media Studies

  • noun the percentage of listeners in a station’s TSA who are tuned in during a particular period
  • noun the percentage of viewers, readers etc. who saw a particular publication, programme or advertisement


  • noun the distance which one can stretch to get hold of or touch something
  • noun the distance which one can travel easily
  • verb to arrive at a point


  • acronym forRegistration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals
    (written as REACH)
  • noun a proposed review of the EU’s chemicals policy, in which comprehensive health and safety research will be carried out for all substances.

Origin & History of “reach”

Reach goes back ultimately to a prehistoric west Germanic *raikjan, a word of uncertain origin which also produced German reichen and Dutch reiken. It originally meant ‘stretch out the hand’, and ‘attain’ and ‘arrive at’ are secondary semantic developments.