General English

General Science

  • noun a chemical change that occurs when two substances come into contact and cause each other to change


  • noun a change or action in reply to something said or done


  • Resistive forces acting on a structural member that serve to hold it stable.


  • The corrective behavior to the down side that a market's price exhibits after having shown a significant increase. Forex trend traders often look to buy during a currency pair's reaction to a recent rally in order to get in on a prevailing upward trend.


  • noun an action which takes place as a direct result of something which has happened earlier
  • noun an effect produced by a stimulus
  • noun the particular response of someone to a test


  • noun an act of reacting to something
  • noun an action a person takes when reacting to something


  • noun an action taken in reply to or as a result of something else
  • noun extreme conservatism or opposition to any reform