General English

  • adjective available and suitable to be used or eaten


  • adjective fit to be used or to be sold


Information & Library Science

  • adjective prepared and able to be used or to do something


  • adverb fully prepared and in a position to do something


  • noun money, cash. This is currently a less common form (except in the USA) of the plural readies. Ready or the ready was in fact probably the original form of the term, first recorded in the 17th century.

Origin & History of “ready”

Ready is a derivative of Old English rǣde ‘ready’, which went back to a prehistoric Germanic *raithjō ‘arranged’, hence ‘prepared’. this also produced German bereit ‘ready’, Dutch gereed ‘ready’, and Swedish reda ‘ready’, and it lies behind the second syllable of curry ‘groom a horse’.