General English


  • noun the ability to remember an advertisement
  • verb to ask for products to be returned because of possible faults


  • noun the process of bringing back text or files from store


  • To restore to a former condition. Also, the act of restoring to a former condition.
  • In computers, a retrieval of information. Also, the act of retrieving information.
  • To request that a defective manufactured product be returned for adjustment, repair, or disposal. Also, the process of informing of such a recall, and making the changes.
  • synonymredial

Information & Library Science

  • noun retrieval of a document from an information store
  • noun the number of relevant records returned by a search, expressed as a percentage of the total number of relevant records in the database
  • verb to request the return of a library book
  • verb to bring back data or text on to the screen of a computer


  • noun a request for someone to come back again


  • noun the act of remembering something from the past


  • verb to order a person or unit to return to a location or grouping


  • noun the system of ending the period in office of an elected official early, following a popular vote