General English


  • noun a device that receives incoming radio signals and converts them to sound or light


  • noun a person who receives something

Cars & Driving

  • noun a device that receives incoming electrical or radio signals, such as in a radio remote control system.
  • noun a steel tubing and channel structure that accepts the ball-mount platform of a removable trailer coupler


  • noun an electronic device that can detect transmitted signals and present them in a suitable form



  • noun a person appointed by a debenture holder to liquidate the assets of a company on his or her behalf.


  • Its abbreviation is RX 1. A component, device, piece of equipment, or system which accepts information-bearing signals, and which can extract the meaningful information contained. There are many types of receivers, including those utilized in communications, TV and entertainment, radars, and so on. Signals may arrive from land-based antennas, satellites, remote controls, and so on. #A single audio frequency component which incorporates a preamplifier, a power amplifier, and a tuner. Such a component usually has multiple inputs for CDs, DVD, TVs, tape decks, and so on, and may have circuitry for specialized sound reproduction, such as Dolby surround sound. #Same as radio receiver. #A small loudspeaker located in the handset of a telephone, which enables listening. Also called earphone (3), or telephone receiver (1). #That which is a destination or which otherwise accepts signals, energy, particles, waves, or the like, which move from one point to another.


  • noun someone appointed by a court to manage a business or property that is involved in a legal process such as bankruptcy
  • noun somebody who receives stolen goods and disposes of them

Media Studies

  • noun an electrical device that receives and converts electronic signals into sound or pictures
  • noun the part of a telephone that contains the earpiece and mouthpiece and receives and converts electronic signals into sound
  • noun in a piece of communication, the person who is receiving the transmitted message


  • noun an instrument which detects electronic signals and converts them into a form in which they can be seen or heard
  • noun a frame on a gun which guides the round into the chamber


  • noun an official put in charge of a bankrupt company