General English

  • noun the way in which people react to something that happens or to someone who arrives
  • noun the place in a hotel where guests go when they arrive or leave, e.g. to get the key to their room
  • noun a place in a large building where visitors go when they arrive and say who they have come to see
  • noun a big party held to welcome special guests
  • noun the quality of the sound on a radio or the sound and picture of a TV broadcast


  • noun an act or instance of receiving radio signals


  • noun a place in a hotel or office where visitors register or say who they have come to see


  • The conversion of information-bearing signals, such as those conveyed via electromagnetic waves, into the signals of interest, such as music, images, or data. For example, the use of a receiver to demodulate an FM signal, so as to recover the original music.
  • The quality or fidelity attained during reception (1).

Information & Library Science

  • noun an area for receiving visitors to a building

Media Studies

  • noun the quality of the signal received by a radio or television set, or by a mobile phone
  • noun the process of receiving and converting electronic signals
  • noun in interpersonal communication, the process of receiving signals containing a message


  • noun an act of receiving a radio signal