General English

  • adjective which is done by two people, groups of people or by such things as countries or companies, to each other.

General Science

  • adjective referring to an action that each of two does to the other
  • adjective referring to a number or quantity related to another in that they give one when multiplied by each other


  • adjective done by one person, company, or country to another one, which does the same thing in return



  • adjective applying from one country or person or company to another and vice versa


  • A number or quantity which is related to another in that the product of both is 1. For example, the reciprocal of 5 is 1/5, or the reciprocal of R = 1/R.


  • adjective according to an arrangement by which each party involved agrees to benefit the other in the same way


  • adjective involving two countries or people or organisations in an agreement to give equal amounts of help to each other

Origin & History of “reciprocal”

English adapted reciprocal from Latin reciprocus ‘alternating’. this was a compound adjective based ultimately on the elements re- ‘back, backwards’ and prō- ‘for, forwards’.