recovery time



  • For a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, system, mechanism, or process, the time interval that must elapse after a given event or condition, before ordinary operation may resume or a specified operational state is attained. For example, the time required for the return of the electron beam to its starting point after a sweep or trace, or the time that elapses between a forward bias being applied, and the forward current reaching a specified value.
  • The time it takes a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system, to resume ordinary operation after an overload. Some devices can recover within a nanosecond after being overdriven. Also called overload recovery time.
  • The time interval after a signal or event, during which a device, piece of equipment, or system is unable to respond to additional signals or events. During this time, for instance, a radiation counter can not register ionizing radiation. Also called dead time (3), or insensitive time.
  • synonymrecovery delay


  • The time it takes for a cooking appliance (deep fat fryer, oven, blanching liquor, etc.) to return to the required temperature for another batch of food after a batch of cooked food has been removed from it


  • noun the time it takes for a the heart rate to return to rest after exertion, used as a measure of physical fitness