General Science

  • noun an organism that breaks down dead organic matter, e.g. an earthworm, fungus or bacterium

Cars & Driving

  • noun a solvent used to dilute synthetic enamels but not compatible with lacquer paints.


  • A solvent used in paints to reduce the viscosity of the paint.
  • A pipe fitting, larger at one end than at the other. A reducing coupling.
  • A substance that chemically reacts with another by removing an oxygen atom from the chemical structure of the second substance.
  • A pipe coupling with a larger size at one end than the other. The larger size is designated first. Reducers are threaded, flanged, welded, etc. Reducing couplings are available in either eccentric or concentric configurations.

Media Studies

  • noun a chemical solution that lessens the density of a photographic negative by oxidising it


  • noun an additive which reduces the tacking of ink or varnish