General English

  • noun an act of mentioning something or someone

General Science

  • noun a piece of work mentioned in a publication by someone else, usually listed at the end with details of the author, source and date


  • noun the process of mentioning or dealing with something



  • noun a person such as a former employer or teacher who can give a report on someone’s character, ability or job performance


  • noun a value used as a starting point for other values, often zero
  • verb to access a location in memory


  • That which serves as a basis for comparison with something else. For example, a reference level or position.
  • A component, circuit, device, or piece of equipment whose specifications lend it to be compared to others in its category.
  • An act of mentioning something else.
  • A written work utilized as a source of information.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a letter written by a person to support somebody’s application for a job
  • noun coded information which tells you where to find a document or stored item
  • noun an acknowledgement of somebody else’s work quoted in a written document
  • noun a note directing a reader’s attention to another source of information


  • noun the act of passing a problem to a someone for his or her opinion
  • noun the numbers or letters given to a document which make it possible to find it after it has been filed
  • noun somebody who reports on someone’s character, ability, etc.


  • noun a grid or map reference


  • noun passing a problem to a committee or expert for an opinion
  • noun a person who reports on someone’s character or ability

Real Estate

  • noun a statement concerning someone’s character or qualifications, usually given to a potential employer