General Science

  • noun the ratio of the energy of a wave reflected by a surface to the total wave striking the surface.

Cars & Driving

  • noun the ratio of reflected luminous flux to that reflected from an ideal, perfectly reflecting surface when similarly illuminated


  • noun the difference between the amount of light or signal incident and the amount that is reflected back from a surface.


  • The ratio of light reflected from a surface to the light incident on the surface. Reflectances are often used for lighting calculations. The reflectance of a dark carpet is around 20%, and a clean white wall is roughly 50% to 60%.


  • The ratio of the amplitude of a wave reflected from a surface to the amplitude of the same wave incident upon the surface.
  • The ratio of the current delivered to a load whose impedance is not matched to the source, to the current that would be delivered to the same load if its impedance were fully matched.
  • synonymreflection factor
  • synonymreflection ratio
  • synonymreflectivity
  • synonymreflection coefficient