General English



  • To renew the image presented on a display screen, such as that of a computer, by resending the appropriate signals. This is necessary, as the phosphors only glow for a comparatively short time. Also called redraw (1).
  • To maintain the condition of memory cells or modules, by sending the appropriate pulses. Most forms of RAM, for instance, require refreshing to avoid loss of data.
  • To restore to a previous condition.
  • To clear all options, windows, or the like, on a display screen.
  • To update the contents of fields, records, or the like.
  • synonymredraw


  • verb to immerse blanched vegetables in fast running cold water so as to cool them quickly and prevent further cooking
  • verb to make slightly wilted herbs, leaves and vegetables crisp again by immersing them in cold water

Information & Library Science

  • verb to update an electronic device, especially a visual display unit or active memory chip, with data

Media Studies

  • verb to update the information on a website, or to be updated


  • verb to draw something again