General Science

  • noun a large area of land with distinct geographic, political, or biological characteristics
  • noun an area of a surface


  • noun a large area of a country



  • A given area or zone. For example, the D region of the ionosphere, a far field region, or a p-region of a semiconductor.
  • A defined interval, such as the IR, microwave, or UV regions.
  • A contiguous area of an image which is treated as a unit.


  • noun an area or part which is around something


  • noun a large area of land with well-defined boundaries or distinctive features


  • in general use, a relatively large wine-producing area that is geographically or administratively distinct
  • in the Australian system of Geographic Indications, a single tract of land containing at least five independently owned vineyards of at least 5 hectares each and usually producing at least 500 tons of wine grapes per year. A region must be distinct from other regions and, according to the AWBC Act that established the system, have ‘measurable homogeneity in grape growing attributes over its area’. It may contain one or more subregions.