General Science

  • verb to refuse to accept something or someone
  • verb to fail to accept a transplanted organ or foreign tissue, because of immunological incompatibility


  • noun (something) which has been thrown out because it is not of the usual standard


  • To not allow, or otherwise refuse. For instance, to reject access to a network, or to reject all signals except those with a specific coding.
  • To block or otherwise impede. For instance, to reject other signals which might interfere with that which is desired, or for a filter to block frequencies above a given value.


  • verb to vomit food or drink

Information & Library Science

  • noun a product that is not up to standard, so is sold cheaply or not at all


  • verb to be unable to tolerate tissue or an organ transplanted from another body because it is immunologically incompatible
  • verb to be unable to keep food down and vomit it up again


  • noun a term of abuse popular among British schoolchildren since the 1980s