General English


  • noun a device which responds to a small current or voltage change by activating switches or other devices in an electric circuit
  • verb to pass an ATC message to an aircraft via another aircraft that is on the same frequency and within radio range

Cars & Driving

  • noun an automatic device which controls the setting of a valve, switch, etc. by means of an electric motor, solenoid, or pneumatic mechanism
  • noun an electrical device in which a small change in current or voltage controls the switching on or off of circuits or other devices


  • noun an electromagnetically controlled switch
  • verb to receive data from one source and then retransmit it to another point


  • An electromagnetic or electromechanical device using small currents and voltages to activate switches or other secondary devices.


  • A device in which a variation in a parameter, such as capacitance, current, frequency, or voltage, controls a component, circuit, another device, piece of equipment, system, or mechanism. A common example is a device in which a varying current or voltage controls the contacts which make or break a circuit. Relays may be electrical, electronic, electromechanical, electromagnetic, photoelectric, and so on, and there are numerous types, including armature, capacitance, current, reed, and frequency. In addition, relays may be classified as automatic, bi-directional, bistable, delay, differential, directional, high-speed, latching, and the like.
  • A relay (1) used as a switch.
  • In communications, a device that repeats, retransmits, or otherwise passes on a signal. Also, to pass on a signal utilizing such a device.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to transmit, broadcast or repeat what has been said or written

Media Studies

  • noun an apparatus consisting of a receiver and a transmitter, used to receive and retransmit signals
  • noun a message or broadcast passed on by an apparatus that receives and retransmits signals
  • verb to transmit a broadcast through a transmitting station


  • noun an act of relaying a radio signal
  • verb to receive a radio signal and then transmit it on to another receiver, who is too far away to receive the original signal
  • verb to pass on a message to another person


  • noun a section or lap of a relay race, run or swum by an individual athlete