General English

  • verb to stop holding something, or to stop keeping someone prisoner

General Science

  • verb to let something go that has been contained
  • verb to take the tension off something such as a catch and allow something to move or operate


  • noun the act of setting someone free or of making something or someone no longer subject to an obligation or restriction


  • noun the act of making something public, or a public announcement
  • noun the act of putting something on the market, or something put on the market
  • verb to make something public


  • verb to end an employee’s contract early


  • noun a version of a product
  • noun the shape of a sound signal that shows the speed at which a sound signal decreases in strength after a note has stopped playing.
  • verb to put a new product on the market
  • verb to relinquish control of a block of memory or file


  • A device, such as a mechanical or electromechanical switch, that opens a circuit. Also, the action of such a device.
  • The opening of the contacts of a relay or switch. Also, a signal or condition which produces this opening.
  • To free from an influencing force. For instance, to release a brake.
  • To allow to escape. For example, to release a gas from an enclosure.
  • To allow to become available. For instance, to release a communications circuit.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to make something available


  • noun an act of setting someone free, or allowing someone to leave prison
  • noun the abandoning of rights by someone in favour of someone else
  • verb to free someone or something, or allow someone to leave prison


  • noun the process of allowing something to go out


  • verb to allow a substance to come out


  • noun allowing secret documents to become public