General English

General Science


  • noun variations in elevation of the surface of the earth
  • noun a lessening of pressure


  • Carved or embossed decoration raised above a background plane.
  • The representation of elevations of the earth's surface, usually referenced to a mean-sea-level datum plane, by means of contour lines.

Human Resources

  • noun a person who takes the place of someone who is sick or on holiday


  • noun a remedy sought by a claimant in a legal action

Media Studies

  • noun a printing process that uses raised surfaces to apply ink to the paper, e.g. engraving


  • noun the process of making something better or easier


  • noun an act of providing assistance or support
  • noun an act of destroying or driving off an enemy force which has surrounded another friendly force or is besieging or investing a friendly town or city
  • noun an act of taking over a duty or task from another person or unit


  • adjective taking the place of another who is away