• verb to load something again


  • To obtain an up-to-date version of a given Web page from a server. For example, if a user returns to the browser's home page, what is displayed may be a cached version. By reloading, the most current version of the page is provided.
  • To again load a program into memory for execution. Done, for instance, after a crash.
  • To again transfer data to or from a computer storage medium, such as a disk or tape.
  • To again place data in a computer register.
  • To again insert a disk, cassette, reel, cartridge, drum, or other object composed of, or containing a recordable medium into a device utilized for recording and/or reproduction.

Media Studies

  • verb to put a new load into something, e.g. film into a camera or fresh ammunition into a gun


  • verb to load a weapon again after firing