• These are units used to measure radiation as it affects humans. See also Rad equivalent man.


  • A unit of radiation dose equivalent equal to 0.01 sievert. It is an acronym for roentgen equivalent man.
  • synonymroentgen equivalent man


  • noun a unit for measuring amounts of radiation, equal to the effect that one roentgen of X-rays or gamma-rays would produce in a human being. It is used in radiation protection and monitoring.
  • acronym forREM sleep
    (written as REM)
  • acronym forrapid eye movement.
    (written as REM)
  • noun a stage of sleep which happens several times each night and is characterised by dreaming, rapid eye movement and increased pulse rate and brain activity.

General Science

  • abbreviation forroentgen equivalent man
  • noun a unit of measurement of ionising radiation equivalent to the effect of absorbing one roentgen.