remote control


General English

General Science

  • noun a system that allows a user to operate a computer or other device from a distance


  • noun a system that allows a remote user to control a computer from a distance


  • The operating, regulating, or managing of a component, circuit, device, apparatus, piece of equipment, system, function, quantity, or the like, from a location other than where that being controlled is situated. To effect remote control, radio, infrared, or acoustic waves may be employed, or connecting wires or cables may be used, among other means. When remote control is wireless, it is also called radio control.
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Information & Library Science

  • noun a system of controlling a device from a distance by means of radio or electronic signals

Media Studies

  • noun a hand-held device used to operate a television set, video cassette recorder or other electronic device from a distance
  • noun the control of a device, system, or activity from a distance, usually by radio signals


  • noun a means by which a device or machine can be operated from a distance (e.g. command wire, radio signals)


  • noun control of something from a distance, e.g. control of a TV set by using a handheld switch with an infrared ray