General English

General Science

  • adjective capable of being operated from a distance by electronic technology, or able to operate a device from a distance


  • adjective far away, and not near anything else


  • adjective used to describe communications with a computer at a distance from the systems centre


  • Gas, electric, or water meter in an accessible place for reading by utility employees, usually the back or front of a home.


  • Located at a point other than that where something occurs, is acted upon, or is situated. For instance, a remote terminal.
  • Located at a comparatively distant point. For example, a remote pickup.
  • Controlled, or otherwise operated upon from a different location. For instance, remote tuning.
  • A broadcast, such as that of radio or TV, originating from a location other than a broadcast studio.

Media Studies

  • noun a radio or television broadcast transmitted from outside the studio


  • adjective a long way away, distant