General English

General Science

  • verb to cause someone or something to become a particular thing
  • verb to give something
  • verb to express or show something in a particular way


  • verb to colour and shade a graphic object so that it looks solid and real


  • To shade an architectural or machine drawing to give it a more real- life appearance.
  • To apply plaster, especially the first coat, directly to brickwork or other masonry.


  • To create more realistic two-dimensional images by incorporating three-dimensional attributes such as absorption, refraction, and reflection by objects and surfaces.


  • verb to melt something in order to purify or extract substances from it, especially to heat solid fat slowly until as much liquid fat as possible has been extracted from it


  • verb to officially announce a judgment or verdict

Real Estate

  • noun the first thin coat of plaster applied to masonry

Origin & History of “render”

Latin reddere meant ‘give back’. It was a compound verb formed from the prefix re- ‘back’ and dāre ‘give’ (source of English date, donate, etc). In vulgar Latin this was changed to *rendere, perhaps under the influence of prendere ‘take’, which passed into English via Old French rendre. Rent ‘payment’ goes back to the past participle of *rendere.