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  • noun a device used in communications that amplifies or regenerates a received signal and transmits it on. Regenerators are often used to extend the range of a network, while repeaters work at the physical layer of the OSI network model.


  • A device that can receive a weak one-way or two-way communications signal, amplify or reshape it, and retransmit it. In digital transmission, a weak pulse train of discrete signals is received, amplified, retimed, and reconstructed for delivery back to the source. In fiber optics, a low-power light signal is converted electronically and retransmitted via a light-emitting diode or laser light source.


  • A device, location, or system which receives, amplifies, and transmits signals between points or locations. Some repeaters may not perform amplification functions. A one-way repeater works in one direction, and a two-way repeater in both.