General English

General Science

  • noun a document giving an account of something, stating what action has been taken, what the current state is or what the results of a test or experiment are
  • verb to give an account of something


  • noun a statement describing what has happened or describing a state of affairs
  • verb to make a statement describing something
  • verb to publish the results of a company for a period and declare the dividend


  • verb to write or tell information in an official manner

Information & Library Science

  • noun a formal document that discusses a particular subject or states exactly what happened


  • verb to broadcast an account of events on television or radio or publish it in a newspaper

Media Studies

  • noun an account of news presented by a journalist, in a print or broadcast medium
  • verb to find out facts and tell people about them in print or a broadcast


  • noun an official note stating what action has been taken, what treatment given or what results have come from a test


  • noun verbal or written information, which is given or sent to another person
  • verb to give or send information to another person
  • verb to take disciplinary action against someone


  • noun a statement describing what has happened or describing what the present situation is
  • noun an official document from a committee set up by the government to investigate something
  • noun a document in which a committee of the House of Commons or Congress explains the discussions which have been held about a bill which has been given to it to examine, and contains the amendments which the committee has proposed should be made to the bill


  • verb to produce a computer printout showing a state of affairs
  • verb to go to a place or to attend something


  • verb to tell somebody about something officially

Origin & History of “report”

To report something is etymologically to ‘carry it back’. The word was borrowed from Old French reporter, which went back to Latin reportāre, a compound verb formed from the prefix re- ‘back’ and portāre ‘carry’ (source of English import, portable, porter, etc). The metaphorical application to ‘bringing back news’ developed in Latin.