research and development



  • noun activities that are designed to produce new knowledge and ideas and to develop ways in which these can be commercially exploited by a business


  • noun scientific investigation which leads to making new products or improving existing products. Accounting standards divide research costs into (i) applied research, which is the cost of research leading to a specific aim, and (ii) basic, or pure, research, which is research carried out without a specific aim in mind: these costs are written off in the year in which they are incurred. development costs are the costs of making the commercial products based on the research and may be deferred and matched against future revenues.


  • The efforts, such as scientific investigation, involved in deriving and applying new knowledge to develop and/or improve upon an existing product. Its abbreviation is R&D.
  • abbreviationR&D

Information & Library Science

  • noun work in an organisation which researches new products or services and makes recommendations.


  • noun the process by which pharmaceutical companies find new drugs and test their suitability.


  • acronymR/D


  • noun investigation of new products, discoveries and techniques.


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