General English

General Science

  • noun an amount stored or kept back for future use
  • verb to store or keep back something for future use



  • verb to keep something such as a seat for somebody


  • noun money from profits not paid as dividend but kept back by a company in case it is needed for a special purpose


  • To allocate, hold, or otherwise set aside for a specified purpose or content. For example, a memory area which is reserved for use by a given program.
  • An additional amount which is factored in, or otherwise available, for a specific purpose. For example, a power reserve.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a supply of things kept for use if the regular supplies have been used before replacements can be obtained


  • verb to ask for a room, table or seat to be kept free for you


  • noun units or sub-units which are held back from an engagement, so that they can be used to reinforce or support any unit which gets into difficulties
  • plural noun spare manpower or equipment


  • noun money or other things which are set aside for future use
  • verb to put aside for future use


  • verb to keep something for a time until needed


  • noun an area of unspoilt land where no commercial exploitation is allowed, kept for the wildlife – as in the national Parks in Africa


  • a term used on wine labels to imply a choice wine, but with no official status.