General English

  • verb to set something again

General Science

  • noun the process or an act of returning something to its original state
  • verb to set a register or counter to its initial state or to return to an initial state


  • verb to return a system to its initial state, in order to allow a program or process to be started again


  • To set again. For example, to reset a circuit breaker.
  • To restore a former condition, or to start again. For example, to reboot a computer.
  • To restore a storage element or storage location to its zero state. Also called clear (5).
  • To change a setting. For example, to reset a clock.

Health Economics

  • (written as RESET)
    A general statistical test for misspecification of the functional form of a regression model and for omitted variables.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to return a system to its original state so that it can start again


  • verb to break a badly set bone and set it again correctly