General English

General Science

  • noun the separation of a racemic mixture into its constituent isomers


  • The minimum separation between two objects capable of being distinguished by a particular telescope. Angular resolution is a synonym. For a particular instrument, the theoretical resolution is given by the Rayleigh Criterion, which telescope makers can approach but not beat.


  • noun the number of pixels that a screen or printer can display per unit area


  • The minimum difference between two values, quantities, or entities, which can be distinguished by, separated, or acted upon, by a detector, sensor, measuring device, or the like. Also, such differentiation.
  • The minimum distance between two objects which can be distinguished. For example, the angular resolution of a telescope, or the range resolution of a radar. Also called resolving power (1).
  • The minimum distance between two separate and recognizable objects presented on a display screen, such as that of a radar. Also called resolving power (2).
  • The extent to which an optical system can reproduce the points, lines, and surfaces of an object as distinct entities in an image.
  • The precision with which a quantity or value can be measured or indicated.
  • The minimum adjustment which is detectable, or which can be made by a given system or mechanism, such as a control system.
  • The process of separating something into its constituent parts. Also, such a separation. For instance, the dispersion of white light into its component colors by a prism.
  • The degree of sharpness, clarity, and fineness of detail which a display screen, scanner, printer, or other such device is capable of presenting, processing, or producing. Monitors, for instance, may express resolution in terms of the number of pixels displayed and dot pitch. Also, the resolution setting of such a device. Also, the fine-ness present in such a displayed, processed, or printed image.
  • synonymresolving power

Information & Library Science

  • noun a formal decision taken at a meeting by means of a vote


  • noun the action of solving a dispute

Media Studies

  • noun the quality of detail offered by a TV or computer screen or a photographic image, expressed usually as the number of dots of colour or pixels per inch


  • noun the amount of detail which can be seen in a microscope or on a computer monitor
  • noun a point in the development of a disease where the inflammation begins to disappear


  • noun a decision taken by one of the Houses of Parliament or Congress to show their opinion of something
  • noun a decision taken at the United Nations