General English


  • verb to react, to act in return


  • A support, usually a pilaster or corbel, attached to a wall and supporting one end of an arch, groin, or vault rib.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to reply or react to something said or done


  • verb to begin to get better because of a treatment


  • verb to take action as a result of an incident or situation

Origin & History of “respond”

Respond comes from Latin respondēre ‘promise in return’, a compound verb formed from the prefix re- ‘back’ and spondēre ‘promise’ (source of English sponsor, spouse, etc). The notion of ‘obligation’ survives in the derivative responsible (16th c.). The Italian descendant of respondēre is rispondere, whose feminine past participle risposta has given English riposte (18th c.) (originally a fencing term).