General English

General Science

  • noun the state of being answerable for something, or in charge of something


  • noun the condition of being responsible


  • noun the fact of being responsible


  • A bidder's ability to properly perform the contract work.

Health Economics

  • (written as Responsibility)
    In health economics, this is most likely to be met in the context of considerations regarding the merits or otherwise of subsidising health care or health insurance. Some causes of illness are sometimes regarded as essentially matters of individual choice and responsibility (such as lifestyle) while others are thought to be more exogenous (such as health hazards in the workplace).


  • noun somebody or something which a person or organisation has a duty to take care of
  • noun the blame for something bad which has happened
  • noun the position of having to explain to somebody why something was done


  • noun a person or thing for which one is responsible