General Science

  • noun the act or process of giving something back, or putting something back to a previous state or position

Cars & Driving

  • noun any extensive repair work that is not limited to standard reconditioning but is of far greater scope, including remanufacture of certain parts, stripping to the last nut and bolt and verification of each and every component


  • Returning an existing property to a condition that depicts its form, features and character as they appeared at a particular period of time. Restoration may involve removal of features from other periods in the property's history and reconstruction of missing features from the targeted period. (Where a building has been changed over time or additional structural elements added, the period chosen for the restoration is usually the one that reflects the highest level of aesthetics or historical significance.)


  • noun the addition of nutrients to a food stuff to replace those lost in processing

Real Estate

  • noun the restoring of something such as buildings or furniture to an earlier and usually better condition
  • noun a building that has been brought back to an earlier and usually better condition