General English

  • noun a car gear which makes you go backwards
  • verb to make something do the opposite
  • verb to make a car go backwards

General Science

Cars & Driving

  • verb to drive backwards
  • symbolR


  • adjective happening in a way that is opposite to the usual way
  • verb to send (control) data from a receiver to a transmitter


  • In plastering, a template with the reverse shape of the molding it is intended to match.


  • verb to bowl a ball with reverse swing, or (of the ball) to move in the air as a result of reverse swing
    Citation ‘After Jones had reversed the ball past Kasprowicz’s outside edge, Tait had to face only nine of 37 deliveries in the 43-run last-wicket partnership’ (Haigh 2005)
    Citation ‘On the Test’s driest day, he had the ball reversing at 95mph when he pitched it up’ (Haigh 2005)


  • In the opposite position, order, direction, side, or the like, of the usual. For instance, a reverse current, or a reverse image.
  • In the opposite position, order, direction, side, or the like, of something else. For example, a back panel in relation to a front panel.
  • Having the opposite phase or polarity as something else. For instance, reverse feedback.
  • To invert a given direction, order, phase, polarity, action, or the like. For example, in a stereo audio component, to switch the signals of the left and right channels.


  • verb to change a decision to the opposite one

Media Studies


  • noun the opposite side of a piece of paper, also called the verso
  • verb to change something so that it is the other way round


  • noun a gear which makes a vehicle go backwards