General English

  • noun written comments on something, e.g. a book, play or film, published in a newspaper or magazine
  • noun a monthly or weekly magazine which contains articles of general interest
  • noun an examination of several things together
  • verb to read a book, see a film, etc., and write comments about it in a newspaper or magazine
  • verb to examine something in a general way
  • verb to study a lesson again

Information & Library Science

  • verb to look again at a situation to assess what can be done


  • noun a general examination of something again

Media Studies

  • noun a journalistic article giving an assessment of a book, play, film, concert or other public performance
  • noun a magazine or journal that publishes reviews
  • verb to examine something to make sure that it is adequate, accurate, or correct
  • verb to write a journalistic report on the quality of a new play, book, film, concert or other public performance


  • verb to inspect a large number of troops, etc., on parade


  • verb to write an evaluation of a book or other publication or performance