Rex Harrison



  • (1908 - 90) British actor. In the 1930s he pursued a successfulcareer on the London stage, in such plays as Rattigan's FrenchWithout Tears and Eliot's The Cocktail Party; his prewarfilms included The Citadel (1938) and Major Barbara(1940). After wartime service in the RAF he returned to acting; thehighlight of his careeer was the Broadway production of My FairLady (1956) and the subsequent (1964) film.

    A debonair and charming man, Harrison was at his best in comedy;after seeing him in Blithe Spirit (1945), Noël Cowardis reputed to have said to him: "After me, you're the best lightcomedian in the world." According to some accounts he added:"If you weren't, all you'd be good for would be selling carsin Great Portland Street."

    He married six times, his wives including the actresses LiliPalmer, Kay Kendall, and Rachel Roberts.