• a river that starts in Switzerland then runs through France, with vineyards either side of it, forming one of the major wine-producing regions of France and including many well-known appellations. In the north Syrah is the only red grape allowed and it produces the region’s rarest and most expensive red wine. Marsanne and Viognier are grown for white wines. côte Rôtie and Hermitage are the best-known red wines of the northern Rhône. Other appellations are Condrieu, château-Grillet, Crozes-Hermitage and Saint-Joseph. Some of the world’s greatest producers work here: Chave, Guigal, Graillot and Colombo to name but a few. In the southern stretch of the river mostly Grenache grapes are grown for red wine, but 12 grapes in total are permitted, and a range of grapes are allowed for white wines. Châteauneuf-du-Pape is the most famous wine of the southern Rhône, but there are other well-known areas: Vacqueyras, Gigondas and Tavel, home of rosé wines.