General English

  • noun a tear in cloth
  • verb to tear something roughly
  • verb to go through something violently



  • noun spin imparted to the ball as it leaves the hand; used especially in the phrase give it a rip
    Citation ‘With strong hands and powerful shoulders he was always able to give the ball a good rip and in the last Test he turned it as much as the wrist-spinners’ (David Capel, Guardian 2 August 2006)
  • verb to impart spin to the ball by moving the fingers rapidly across it as it leaves the hand
    Citation ‘The more Monty Panesar ripped the ball past the outside edge the better Jones looked’ (Mike Selvey, Guardian 1 August 2006)


  • noun
    (written as RIP)
    a printing instruction to indicate that all the material is to be reduced or enlarged in the same proportion.
  • noun
    (written as RIP)
    a device that translates software instructions into an image or complete page which is then printed by a printer or typesetter.
  • acronym forrest in proportion
    (written as RIP)


  • acronym forraster image processing
    (written as RIP)
  • The utilization of a raster image processor. Its acronym is RIP.