• noun a heavy cultivator consisting of a strong frame with long tines attached to it. It is used to break up compacted soil to allow free passage of air and water.


  • noun a program that can be used to copy digital music from a compact disc onto a computer before converting it into a format in which it can be stored as a computer file


  • A device with protruding claws that is pulled by a tractor. Used to penetrate and disrupt the earth's surface up to 3' in depth.


  • software that copies data from a DVD to a computer hard drive. Also called DVD-ripper.
  • Software that copies data from an audio CD to a computer hard drive. Also called CD-ripper.


  • adjective excellent, first-rate. A word which goes in and out of vogue, ripper was a British term of admiration, probably originating in the sports world (it has denoted a well-bowled cricket ball or a devastating punch in boxing) in the mid-19th century.
  • noun a promiscuous female, slag. A term used by young street-gang members in London since around 2000.