General English


  • noun an increase in pay
  • verb to move upwards or to become higher


  • The vertical distance from the top of a tread to the top of the next higher tread.
  • The height of an arch from springing to the crown.
  • The vertical height from the supports to the ridge of a roof.
  • Height difference between the crown of a road and its lowest point.


  • verb to increase in size by the production of bubbles of carbon dioxide within it.


  • noun high ground


Real Estate

  • verb to become larger during the process of building

Origin & History of “rise”

Not surprisingly, rise and raise are closely related. both go back to a common prehistoric Germanic ancestor meaning ‘go up’. this reached English directly as rise, while its causative derivative, meaning ‘cause to go up’, has given English raise, and also rear. The derived arise is of long standing. It is not clear what the word’s ultimate ancestry may be; some have linked it with Latin rīvus ‘stream’ (source of English rivulet), from the notion of a stream ‘rising’ in a particular place.