• (German: knight drama) In late 18th-century German theater,a genre of historical drama that depicted the heroic days of medievalknights. It derived from the Sturm und Drang movement, takingits romantic and patriotic themes from the historical plays of Goetheand Klinger. With its staging of battles, jousting, and other pageantry,the genre established new standards for historical realism in settingsand costumes.

    Successful Ritterdrama plays included Agnes Bernauerin(1780) by Josef August von Törring (1753 - 1826) and Ottovon Wittelsbach (1782) by Joseph Marius Babo (1756 - 1822).At the end of the century the genre was banned from the Munich stagefor emphasizing Bavarian patriotism, but its popularity continuedin Austria and elsewhere.