room temperature



  • The temperature in any room or chamber, especially where a device or piece of equipment is functioning, or where tests or observations are taking place.
  • A specific temperature, or temperature interval, which is considered to be average or appropriate for everyday use or placement of something. For example, 24 °C, or 22 to 26 °C.
  • acronymRT


  • noun the temperature in an ordinary room, usually around 20°C, at which most red wines should be served


  • the ideal serving temperature of red wines, which should be around 15–16ºC, or 60ºF, though this can be cooler than the often very warm temperature of rooms, and wine should not really be served at a temperature warmer than 18ºC (around 65ºF). Cellars where wine is stored are usually cooler, around 10–13ºC, or 50–55ºF, so red wines need time to warm slightly to ensure that the aroma and flavours of the wine are realised. Some red wines can be served cool, e.g. some of the reds from the Loire valley in France and those made in Australia from the Tarrango grape variety.