• (written as roots)
    A general name for the common root vegetables, as in bed of roots which is a mirepoix of carrots, turnips and swedes


  • exclamation goodbye. In use among UK adolescents since 2000.


  • (written as Roots)
    The second play in Arnold Wesker's famous trilogyabout the lives of a Jewish family in the years 1936 to 1959. Theother plays in the sequence are Chicken Soup with Barley(1958) and I'm Talking About Jerusalem (1960). Rootsis probably Wesker's best-known and most optimistic work. It was firstperformed in 1959 at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, in a productiondirected by John Dexter and starring Joan Plowright as Beatie Bryant.The production moved to London's Royal Court Theatre for a month beforetransferring to the Duke of York's Theatre.

    Set in the 1950s, the play revolves around Beatie Bryant,who comes up from London to visit her family in Norfolk. She is criticalof her family's ignorance and prejudice, constantly quoting the ideasof her Jewish boyfriend Ronnie Kahn, a socialist (and a characterin Chicken Soup with Barley). Beatie has asked Ronnie to meether family but on the day he is expected, she receives a letter fromhim ending their relationship. She blames her family, and when hermother angrily reproaches her, Beatie responds assertively. She realizesthat she is no longer parrotting Ronnie, having found an articulatevoice of her own.

    Kenneth Tynan praised the original production butadded, "Joan Plowright's Beatie seemed to me a touch too pawky,suggestive less of rural Norfolk than of urban Lancs."