General English


  • The metal plate or escutcheon between a doorknob and the door.


  • A hardy shrub with pink to red fragrant flowers of the genus Rosa. The wild rose or dog rose, R. canina, and the eglantine or sweet brier, R. eglanteria, have large red seed capsules known as hips or rose hips. The flower petals with the bitter white heel removed may be crystallized or used for decoration, in salads, in fruit pies or as a general flavouring. The bright red rose hips, after dehairing, may be used in jams or puréed for use in sauces or to make a sweet syrup high in vitamin C.

Real Estate

  • noun a circular fitting on a ceiling through which the lead of an electric light passes.


  • a taste or aroma associated with white wines from Alsace or made from the Muscat grape variety, but also with some red Burgundies and Barolos

Origin & History of “rose”

Rose is a general European term, represented also in French, German, and Danish rose, Italian and Spanish rosa, Dutch roos, Swedish ros, Russian roza, etc. these all go back ultimately to Latin rosa, which was either borrowed from, or came from the same source as Greek rhódon ‘rose’, a word of eastern Mediterranean origin.