General Science

  • noun the central shaft of a generator, which turns inside the stator
  • noun a rapidly turning mass of air, surrounded by clouds


  • noun a device which turns about an axis or centre

Cars & Driving

  • noun the rotating part of an electrical machine, such as the armature of a starter motor
  • noun in an alternator, the rotating pole pieces with the electromagnetic winding, which create a rotating magnetic field whose lines of force cut the stationary conductors in the stator; usually of claw-pole design
  • noun the rotating displacement element of a rotary pump, such as a gear, screw, piston, etc.
  • noun the moving part of a pulse generator.
  • noun the rotating element of a Roots supercharger


  • The rotating armature or member within an electrical device or motor.


  • In an electrical and/or mechanical component, device, apparatus, or machine, a member which can rotate. For instance, the moving part or armature of a motor, the moving plates of a variable capacitor, or the moving contacts of a rotary switch. A stationary part in such a component, device, apparatus, or machine is a stator.


  • noun a set of horizontally rotating blades, which gives a helicopter its upward lift