round the wicket



  • adverb delivering the ball from the hand that is further away from the bowler’s wicket; a right-arm bowler going round the wicket has the wicket on his left and is thus able to slant the ball across the batsman’s wicket at a considerable angle and, if the batsman is a left-hander, to get a clearer view of the stumps
    Citation ‘Marshall usually switches to round the wicket if his first spell has been wicketless, and it makes an awesome sight too’ (Scyld Berry, Observer 4 December 1983)
    Citation ‘Warne finished with 3–83 in the second innings and was a constant danger, particularly bowling around the wicket into the rough to the left-handers’ (Chloe Saltau, The Age (Melbourne), 21 December 2005)
    Compare over the wicket