General English

General Science


  • noun a normal or regular way of doing something


  • noun a number of instructions that perform a particular task, but are not a complete program. They are included as part of a program.


  • Within a computer program, a group of instructions which perform a given task. The term is usually utilized synonymously with subroutine, function (3), or procedure (2), and in some cases may also refer to a macro (2), bead (2), a module within a program, or even a program.
  • A sequence of steps which is followed to perform a given task. Examples include bootstrap routines and check routines.

Information & Library Science

  • adjective done every day as a regular part of one’s job
  • noun a procedure which, if followed, helps to perform tasks in an efficient and organised way


  • adjective normal, which happens all the time
  • noun a regular programme of tasks or duties


  • noun a rehearsed set of movements or actions that make up a performance, such as a gymnast’s sequence of exercises